The Barn

Coming soon! Plans are currently underway for an indoor event venue to host weddings, workshops, classes, kids activities, yoga classes and much more!

Retreats & Nature Camps

Is your company, church, or social organization looking for a comfortable venue as you come together, problem solve, brainstorm and bond? Ravenwoods provides the comfort of home and removes the draining stress of hosting a group so you can focus on the goals of your retreat. You’ll be amazed at the creativity that comes from getting your team out of a stuffy business room and into a personal venue where they will share real life experiences like hiking in the woods, feeding farm animals, harvesting lunch from the garden and more! When was the last time you were sad an all day meeting was over?

Get the kids outdoors this summer exploring nature through science, observation, art, games and story-telling during Ravenwood’s summer Nature Day Camps. Kids will discover how much fun it is to “unplug” and play outside!